How To Make a Diaper Cake

This was my first time making a diaper cake for my sister-in-law Victoria's Peacock themed sprinkle. Since Honest actually sells super cute peacock diapers, I simply couldn't pass this opportunity up! Based on what I've heard from mothers who have been on the receiving end of diaper cakes, it is EXTREMELY annoying to unroll each individual diaper if you choose to make it that way. So, I chose to make it the (slightly) more challenging way, which is to keep all the diapers in tact and maneuvering them around to make a perfect circle. 

Here's what you will need:

- About 36 diapers (I used size 2 diapers, but only because that's the only size they had in stock of the peacock design. I would have rather worked with size nb or 1)

- Durable string or twine & scissors

- Ribbon (at least 1" wide)

- Double sided tape

-Any desired add-on decor. 

How to Make a Diaper Cake! - inJOY The Party

The easiest way to create the cake "layers" was to find 3 different sizes of bowls or, in my case, pots, to use as my "molds". I started with the biggest one, and started placing the diapers in about 4 at a time, making sure that the folded part was on the outside. Because there would be layers to cover this one, I wasn't extremely concerned about what the inside looked like (only that the outside was aligned evenly. Once I fit as many diapers as I could, I got the twine ready. I flipped, and slowly let the diapers slide out while I was ready to wrap the twine around the diapers, keeping their circular shape.

After tying the twine as tight as possible, I set aside, and started working on the second layer. 

How to Make a Diaper Cake! - inJOY The Party
How to Make a Diaper Cake! - inJOY The Party

After repeating this for each layer, I rearranged any of the diapers that did not appear to be evenly dispersed from the outside. Then I wrapped the diapers in ribbon to cover the twine, closing with double sided tape. You could also tie in a bow, but I wanted this cake to look clean. 

Finally, I topped off the cake with a peacock bird I found at Michaels, and placed peacock feathers throughout the layer. Here is the final product (in really bad lighting!). It was absolutely perfect for the welcome table!

How to Make a Diaper Cake! - inJOY The Party