Baby R's World Traveler Nursery

While this isn't a Party Post, I wanted to share our nursery with you as we had so much fun putting this room together! We are T minus 18 days from my due date as I write this! 

To start off, I knew we wanted a “World Traveler” theme for the nursery, especially since my husband and I are world travelers ourselves, and our little guy will likely be brought along for the ride! Plus, I think it is a great way to expand their small space to include different places, cultures, and ideas.

Now for the details.

The Dresser:

Our first project was the dresser. This is the HURDAL dresser from IKEA, that comes with 9 drawers. My sister-in-law Victoria gave me the idea to have open shelves at the bottom, so our little one can access his favorite toys and books on his own in the early stages. We assembled the dresser without installing the bottom 3 drawers.  Instead, we added thin pieces of plywood and glued/screwed it to the bottom of the dresser to replace the drawers. We painted this dresser with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in“Duck Egg Blue”. We chose chalk paint because it is easy to use, and you don’t need a primer. We used Annie Sloan’s wax to finish it up.

For the drawer pulls, I wanted small globes, which (of course) I found on Etsy


The Crib:

Since we saved on what otherwise could have cost us thousands of dollars on a dresser, we did splurge on the crib. With the help of an RH gift certificate and their 20% off sale, we went with Restoration Hardware's beautiful Jameson Conversion Crib in Antique Taupe. Our second place was another great crib by Newcastle at a lesser price from BuyBuyBaby. 

The World Map:

Our next project was the world map. I really wanted a pin board map, so as we travel the world with him we can mark the places he goes, and we can also easily transport the map if he later moves to a different room.  I found this gorgeous National Geographic map on Amazon for $16 with shipping! 

We then went to Home Depot to buy cork board (which is actually in flooring), thin plywood, MDF moulding, white paint, and white wood filler. We started by measuring the dimensions of map with the moulding framed around it. We then cut the plywood and corkboard to fit these dimensions, and glued the corkboard to the plywood, and then the map to the corkboard. We used good ol’ E6000 glue. Once the map was glued and dried, we then cut the moulding to have diagonal corners one at a time until they perfectly framed the map. We painted these white first, then when dry, we glued these all down on top of the map/corkboard.

The next day, once the glue had set, we flipped it all over, and screwed through the plywood, the cork, and the frame to make sure the frame was secure. We were careful to measure the length of the screw so that it didn’t puncture the frame. We flipped it back over, and used the wood filler to fill any gaps between the corners of the frame. We touched up the corners and the frame with the white paint, and it was done! It was quite a mission, but it will be so worth it as we are able to have this with him and his travels throughout his childhood!

The linens:

My other sister-in-law Alicia tipped me off to Woolf With Me, which has AWESOME patterns and textures for baby/kids bedding and clothing. I bought the changing pad cover from here.  She also got my crib sheets and bedding from a super cute Etsy vendor Hokoda

The Pouf -  I got in Teal from Wayfair.

Side Table - From Pottery Barn Kids 

The Rug - One Kings Lane

These wire shelves we got from World Market. I love this because he will be able topick and choose his own books when the time comes!

My favorite item is this custom artwork made for our baby that includes our dog Tioki in it by Phephe Rose!

The nursery is finished.  Now it’s time to fill these frames with baby photos, this room with love… and then let him mess it all up!

- Eve Gracie

How to pull off a fun-for-all Gender Reveal Party!

How to pull off a fun-for-all Gender Reveal Party! - inJOY The Party

Gender Reveal parties are a super fun way to celebrate finding out the gender of your baby along side all of your closest family and friends. There are countless ways reveal the gender, but when it came time for our gender reveal, we wanted one that everyone could be involved in. 

First, we started with a Bowties and Bows theme. I found a great invite on Etsy that went with this theme, and used to send them out digitally.

How to pull off a fun-for-all Gender Reveal Party! - inJOY The Party

I ordered small pink bows and blue bowties as seen below. When our guests arrived, they had to cast their vote, boy or girl, by either clasping a blue bowtie around their neck, or attaching the pink bow to their clothing or hair. My husband was team girl, and I was team boy!

How to pull off a fun-for-all Gender Reveal Party! - inJOY The Party

The Games.

Before we revealed the gender, we had several games for the guests to participate in.

The name game. Our guests wrote down their name suggestions for both a boy and girl, and entered them in the buckets. Our family has a fairly unique naming tradition, so we indicated what letters we wanted to names to start with.

How to pull off a fun-for-all Gender Reveal Party! - inJOY The Party

We then went through the names and picked our favorites, one boy name and one girl name, and gave the winners a prize. Some were cute, some were deep, and some were funny (like Ravacado, named after my husbands favorite food).

How to pull off a fun-for-all Gender Reveal Party! - inJOY The Party

We also played a wives’ tale game, where we tested how well our guests knew the old wives tales about how to determine the gender of the baby.

How to pull off a fun-for-all Gender Reveal Party! - inJOY The Party

The last game was a baby charades game. Where people got to act out words associated with babies. The best part was watching all the single men try to act some of these things out (like changing a diaper)! We also had some physical games going in the backyard like "corn hole" and badminton. 

The Reveal

How to pull off a fun-for-all Gender Reveal Party! - inJOY The Party

 We wanted something exciting and visual, and nothing screams fun and messy more than silly string! We bought silly string in both pink and blue, and wrapped them to look the same before hand. We kept them separate, and then had my sister-in-law Sage be the one to read “the envelope” first, and pick the right color. Each family got a silly string, and on THREE, everyone sprayed us until their cans ran out.

How to pull off a fun-for-all Gender Reveal Party! - inJOY The Party

It’s a BOYYYYYYYY!!!! My husband was screaming, as I hid my face from the silly string attacking my face! He seems awfully excited for someone who was “Team Girl” ;-)  We were both elated, and were so happy to share this moment with our family, friends, and my parents on Skype!

Looks like this squad of boys will have one more member joining their team!

How to pull off a fun-for-all Gender Reveal Party! - inJOY The Party

A Perfectly Peacock Baby Sprinkle

For our sister-in-law Victoria's baby sprinkle in preparation for her second addition to the family, we knew we had to go regal. Not only because we are fairly certain she was royalty in her previous life, but because she absolutely loves the royal gem tones of the peacock feather. Who doesn't, really? Hence, our Peacock Goddess collection was born. 

There is something so intimate about tasteful floor seating, and we knew we had to introduce the low 'zen tables' for this collection. With colorful pillows, blankets, and the green grass beneath us, the guests immediately felt the combination of comfort and elegance as we dined. 

18" high Zen Tables with beautiful cushioned seating. 

18" high Zen Tables with beautiful cushioned seating. 

As for our table decor, we knew that golden accents combined with royal gem tones was the only one way to capture the peacock feel. With deep purples, blues, turquoise, emerald greens, and golden accents, the tablescape fell right into place. 

How to create the perfect Peacock Party! - inJOY The Party
The Perfect Peacock Party - inJOY The Party!

Of course, you can't be a queen without your own Khaleesi inspired tent. We decked out our pop-up tent with gorgeous gold fabric, golden lanterns, pillows, throws, and the peacock "thrown" (chair) for her to sit comfortably while we all gathered around her (available for the Peacock Collection)

The Perfect Peacock Party - inJOY The Party!

Aaaand, the peacock diaper cake. This was my first one, and it was surprisingly simple. See our How to Make a Diaper Cake blog for the how-to on this one!

The Diaper Cake! - The Perfect Peacock Party - inJOY The Party!

Lastly, our favors were the yummiest darn thing I have ever put ON my body. Our (other) sister-in-law, Alicia, made these all natural body butters with equal parts cacao butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil , and shea butter. The heart feathers we found on Etsy, and they fit perfectly on the jars. My body thanks her every night I put this stuff on!

Best favors ever! The Perfect Peacock Party - inJOY The Party!

This entire collection (minus the favors) is available in our Peacock Goddess Collection. Which queen in your life deserves this party?!


How To Make a Diaper Cake

This was my first time making a diaper cake for my sister-in-law Victoria's Peacock themed sprinkle. Since Honest actually sells super cute peacock diapers, I simply couldn't pass this opportunity up! Based on what I've heard from mothers who have been on the receiving end of diaper cakes, it is EXTREMELY annoying to unroll each individual diaper if you choose to make it that way. So, I chose to make it the (slightly) more challenging way, which is to keep all the diapers in tact and maneuvering them around to make a perfect circle. 

Here's what you will need:

- About 36 diapers (I used size 2 diapers, but only because that's the only size they had in stock of the peacock design. I would have rather worked with size nb or 1)

- Durable string or twine & scissors

- Ribbon (at least 1" wide)

- Double sided tape

-Any desired add-on decor. 

How to Make a Diaper Cake! - inJOY The Party

The easiest way to create the cake "layers" was to find 3 different sizes of bowls or, in my case, pots, to use as my "molds". I started with the biggest one, and started placing the diapers in about 4 at a time, making sure that the folded part was on the outside. Because there would be layers to cover this one, I wasn't extremely concerned about what the inside looked like (only that the outside was aligned evenly. Once I fit as many diapers as I could, I got the twine ready. I flipped, and slowly let the diapers slide out while I was ready to wrap the twine around the diapers, keeping their circular shape.

After tying the twine as tight as possible, I set aside, and started working on the second layer. 

How to Make a Diaper Cake! - inJOY The Party
How to Make a Diaper Cake! - inJOY The Party

After repeating this for each layer, I rearranged any of the diapers that did not appear to be evenly dispersed from the outside. Then I wrapped the diapers in ribbon to cover the twine, closing with double sided tape. You could also tie in a bow, but I wanted this cake to look clean. 

Finally, I topped off the cake with a peacock bird I found at Michaels, and placed peacock feathers throughout the layer. Here is the final product (in really bad lighting!). It was absolutely perfect for the welcome table!

How to Make a Diaper Cake! - inJOY The Party